Saturday, March 5, 2011

The first Pink Inhabitant

My Pink KitchenAid Mixer

My Pink KitchenAid Mixer
This is the first inhabitant of My Pink Kitchen. My trusty Pink Kitchen Aid Mixer. I had always wanted a stand mixer, however I always thought they were out of my price range. However in 2004 I was at Robinsons-May department store and spied one for $188! I had never seen one under $200! I quickly went to purchase it and rushed to the counter. The clerk, trying to be helpful, commented, "You realize this is the Pink one...several people have come up here thinking this was a white one and didn't want it because it was pink." I timidly replied that I had been searching and searching for "the pink one" forever and was quite happy. He rang me up and the rest is history.

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  1. My girlfriend, Trish would love love love that mixer. You're lucky she doesn't know where you live - she'd certainly try to sneak out of your home and tick it underneath her fur coat: