Saturday, December 10, 2016

More vegan macs with coconut cream ganache

Some pink pandas made from the floral frosting recipe and the honey and butter tutorial on you tube. Baked these for 35 min at 225F turned off oven and left for 15 min.  Per the tutorial at Avocados and Ales The panda feet were slightly stuck to the parchment but the cookies came off fine. Pink panda vegan macarons with coconut cream ganache Lavender macs made with aquafaba from floral frosting's recipe but baked in a preheated oven at 225 for 25 min and turned off oven and left for 15 additional minutes. Purple Vegan macarons with coconut cream ganache
The ganache was made with Trader Joe's coconut milk, one can to approx 3.5 cups of Kirkland chocolate chips which are supposed to be vegan.

For the shells I used 1 can of Trader Joe's garbanzo beans reduced to slightly less than 1/3 cup with Trader Joe's Almond Flour which is really super fine compared to their Almond Meal.

I also used the Floral Frosting tutorial and changed my macronnage technique slightly as per the video. I had to smooth some tops down with a wet finger which took much much longer to dry, by adding sprinkles it was easier to disguise some little piping marks that did not settle down, I added the sprinkles immediately and when the macs were nearly dry I was testing them on the spot that was sticking up and it flattened slightly

Finally I found to dry macs sooner you can preheat your oven to 320 F, then turn it off, open the door and rest the baking tray on the door for 5 min and then rotate for 5 min, this sped up the drying time but still allowed them to have feet, no shells cracked from not having dried enough. Here's the full description from the Kitchen Guardian

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